Initial Consultations

In order to ensure the quality of opportunities provided to you, we offer one-on-one consultations in which we will confirm your professional experience, your personal history, your education level, and your career goals to link you with the appropriate prospects. Contact Us and schedule your consultation today!

Scholarship Opportunities

Tired of searching through irrelevant listings on scholarship sites? Our consultants will provide you with a customized list of scholarship opportunities that match your qualifications. If you're already familiar with scholarship application processes, try our Standard Package. If you need more guidance on how to meet application requirements, go for the Gold.

Internship Opportunities

Thinking about pursuing a particular career but not sure if it'll be the job of your dreams? Participating in internships is the best way to find out more about the job offerings in your field of study. Whether paid, unpaid, or for credit, our consultants can help you find the best internship opportunities available. If it's your first time applying for an internship, try our Silver or Gold Packages.

Grant Opportunities

There are lots of grant opportunities available for students, working adults, and parents in continuing education. Particularly, if you are low-income, have physical disablities, or other unique living circumstances, these grant opportunities can provide the funding you need to go back to school. Only available with Silver or Gold Packages.

Resume & Cover Letter Review

Whether you're preparing to apply for a job, an internship, or a scholarship, it is imperative that you present a professionally written resume and cover letter. These documents often serve as your introduction to the company you're seeking employment with. Thus, it is very important that your first impression is stellar. Our consultants will review your resume and cover letter and provide advice for revision. 

Interview Coaching

So you've landed an interview with a potential employer, but you don't know what to expect or how to prepare for it? Our consultants will make sure you're ready, providing lists of frequently asked questions, posture/gesture training, and even tips on what to wear.

Application Walkthroughs

Applying for scholarships, and especially applying for grants, can be a tedious process. Typically, there is an immense amount of paperwork that an organization will require you to provide including letters of recommendation, financial records and personal essays. No matter how daunting the task, our consultants will help you get through it, step by step, until you're standing in the winner's circle.

Essay Writing Assistance

Most scholarship and grant applications will require you to write an essay. This is often the best opportunity for you to tell an organization your story, but it must be well-written. Our consultants will help you compile your life experiences in a concise and eloquent essay.

Resume/Cover Letter Review

$ 15.00 USD

Application Walkthrough

$ 40 USD

Choose your top scholarship, internship, or job application and have our consultants help you to the finish line.

Interview Coaching Session

$ 25.00 USD

Essay Writing Assistance

$ 25 USD

Standard Package

$ 55.00 USD

Up to 5 personalized scholarship or internship listings

Resume/Cover Letter Review


Silver Package

$ 85.00 USD

Up to 10 personalized scholarship, internship, or grant listings

1 Application Walkthrough

1 Interview Coaching Session

Resume/Cover Letter Review


Gold Package

$ 150.00 USD

Up to 15 personalized scholarship, internship, or grant listings

2 Application Walkthroughs

2 Interview Coaching Session

Resume/Cover Letter Review

Essay Writing Assistance

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